Trick To Happy

Is there a trick to being happy, sometimes I'm feeling like I'm half me.

We released a second song from Sad Hunk today… “Trick To Happy”. If you weren’t feeling “Own Alone”, this song is a lot a lot a lot better. It has the New Toronto Wrecking Crew on it - Mike O’Brien, Don Kerr, Christine Bougie, Felicity Williams, (and Sam Weber, but he doesn’t live in Toronto) and that slow deep Bahamas’ groove you all dig. I even give my music biz secrets away on insta.

A couple questions about have popping up that I thought I’d address:

1) YOU: It looks like the CD is in a jewel case? Single use plastics are terrible for the environment.

ME: The CD is NOT in a jewel case (eg no plastics). It is a digipak printed on recycled paper, but it does have a jewel case printed on it so it looks like it is in a jewel case on our webstore.

2) YOU (10 mins from now): What is a jewel case and why did you do that thing you just told us with the jewel case?

ME: A jewel case is a molded plastic case that CDs used to come in 20+ or so years ago. I like how jewel cases look. Using one now ironically disguised as a digipak is kinda like if you enjoy wearing fake leather pants.

3) YOU: The tour dates poster you released of cancelled tour dates skipped my city and I’m disappointed that you didn’t cancel a show in my city.

ME: Maybe use google or just look closely at the venues or a combination of those things. Most of them have been closed for a long time, and this was probably someone else’s tour. Also, please don’t operate heavy machinery.

Googling Hint: “HERE I COME TACOMA!”

4) YOU: What’s up with Taco Tunes? Don’t you want to promote your new album, Sad Hunk, available October 9, 2020? Seems like you’re just listening to other people’s music.

ME: Good to know that the record label is using the comments section to air their grievances. Question back for you - do you only listen to one song over and over again? Or do you have different moods that different music helps you through? If you had a friend that told you to listen to the same song over and over again would you respect them more than if they had diverse opinions?

Also we started making the albums into a Spotify Playlist. They definitely don’t fit together.

5) YOU: I live in a non-North American country and the vinyl is very expensive to ship here.

ME: I’m really sorry. There is a lot of difficulty with Mom+Pop businesses and other record shops that would typically carry my records that has arisen due to COVID and it is making it so we are doing more shipping directly to consumer.

6) YOU: That last answer is a bummer. Can you show me more pages from the “Dad’s Chores” calendar to cheer me up?

ME: Great idea.

Until next time.

Mr. January.

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